Why use Adjudication for a construction dispute?

When a dispute has arisen on a construction contract or with an associated professional, and is unable to be resolved between the parties, adjudication is generally the fastest and most cost effective resolution option. Adjudication, which is subject to the Construction Contracts Act 2002 as amended by the Construction Contracts Amendment Act 2015, is confidential. The process allows the parties to continue to fulfil the remainder of the contract conditions while the dispute is settled.

Construction Contracts Act 2002.

  • The Construction Contracts Act 2002 was introduced to better ensure the continued flow of money within the construction industry.
  • The Act, and amendments, provide for having payment and other disputes in the building industry determined by an independent person called an "adjudicator".
  • The 2015 amendments widened the scope of the act to cover contracts with professional advisors.
  • The 2015 amendments also introduced the requirement under commercial contracts to properly secure retention monies.
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