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Initiation of Adjudication: Takes you through the process of the Notice of Adjudication, providing the requirements for this "Written Notice".

[.doc] Initiation of Adjudication.doc

[.doc] Notice of Adjudication - No Charging Order.doc

[.doc] Notice of Adjudication - With Charging Order.doc

Selection of an Adjudicator: Explains the 3 options available for selection of an Adjudicator.

[.doc] Selection of an Adjudicator

Selection of Adjudicator, Agreement of Parties: This form sets out the agreement between the parties as to who the Adjudicator will be.

[.doc] Selection of Adjudicator - Agreement.doc

Selection of AANZ as the Nominating Body when parties disagree: This forms sets out the agreement between the parties to appoint the AANZ as the Nominating Body.

[.doc] Selection of Nominating Body.doc

Request AANZ to select an Adjudicator: When parties disagree this form formally requests the AANZ to select an Adjudicator as the Nominating Body.

[.doc] Selection of an Adjudicator by AANZ as a nominating authority.doc

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